Trabajar sobre el discurso generado en el aula

Me gustaron estas ideas de Adrian Underhill:

Most teachers invite students to write stories and dialogues. Well, why not take their creations one step further and use them as the basis for all the types of elaboration, consolidation and practice which at the moment is done using the coursebook material? Instead of processing material written by someone else they can create their own material based on what they want to say and what they are able to say.

This yields two over lapping phases. Creation, which roughly corresponds to what the author usually does, and Exploitation, which roughly corresponds to the things we usually do with a coursebook.


We take this raw material and negotiate its correctness, we hone it and refine it, practise it, record it, tell it, act it out, draw it, summarise it, extend it, transform it, improvise it, and so on. In all of this there is a workshop atmosphere. with our own everyday life events and interests as the source material.

During the creation phase students quite naturally work from the edge of what they can do in English, from the frontier of their knowledge. I add what they need if they can’t provide it from their combined resources. In this way I don’t teach a new structure or vocabulary item but simply put it into circulation when it is needed. The students take it and put it to work straight away, usually without any complicated explanations. Later, in the exploitation phase, we may study the detailed linguistic points, though that often turns out to be unnecessary.

By working with the process in this way each lesson becomes a rich event in itself, with naturally occurring student errors highlighting the collective inner syllabus of the class. Errors thus become welcome signposts as to what to work on, rather than tiresome deviations from a predetermined plan.

A. Underhill, Teaching without a coursebook.


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